Congressman Wu, It's Time For You to Go

This is the moment of steely defiance and bravery for Congressman David Wu. In a matter of days or hours (perhaps a week, who knows?), this defiance will lead to a Friday announcement that he has resigned from Congress. There's a moment where the person at the center of this sort of firestorm realizes that staying in power is much worse, financially or personally, than simply resigning.

Congressman Wu hasn't reached that point.

He is, of course, the laughingstock of Congress and has been for a while:

Makes you pine for the simpler days of Anthony Weiner, doesn't it?

UPDATE: Oregon Live says he won't run again. Well, why not resign now and hold the seat? I mean, where's the issue here? The man is certifiably nuts. And this is nothing new for Wu. He's done this sort of thing before.