The Three Witches

I spent a good part of my day up to my eyeballs in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night (don't ask) and today was my first exposure to it. Macbeth is much easier to follow and understand, and, in honor of this, I submit this:
This unusual group portrait of 1775 in pastel by artist Daniel Gardner (1750-1805) shows three intimate friends who enjoyed attending private theatricals and shared a common passion for Whig politics and the arts. Gardner’s choice of the Cauldron scene from Macbeth can be related to their shared and shadowy political machinations as leading members of the Devonshire House circle. The daughter of the First Earl Spencer, Georgiana’s marriage to the fifth Duke of Devonshire placed her at the apex of Whig Society. She held famously libertine parties at Devonshire house in London, and recently was the subject of Amanda Foreman’s hugely successful book and the subsequent film The Duchess with Keira Knightley.
It's quite a painting. I love the swirling, mystical imagery.