Three Hundred Million Dollars and For What?

The Green Lantern movie is starting to receive some rather underwhelming reviews:

At least for some members of the public, "Green Lantern" will prompt the question of how many more comics-based superheroes with awesome powers and responsibilities we really need?

Dramatically tart in certain scenes but more often just spinning its wheels doing variations on similar moments from previous episodes in the lives of likewise endowed relatives in the DC and Marvel universes, Warner Bros.' attempt to launch a major new fantasy action hero franchise serves up all the requisite elements with enough self-deprecating humor to suggest it doesn't take itself too seriously.

But familiarity may begin to breed creeping signs of contempt, if not in immediate negative box office results then in an inevitable fatigue with such enterprises. The film opens Friday.
Here's what an idiot I am. I thought the Green Hornet and the Green Lantern were the same thing. And just to show you what an even bigger idiot I am than that, I would have put Blake Lively in this film, too. But not with Ryan Reynolds. I would have put Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this film. But, that's me.