There's Always a Backlash

If you truly have something to say, watch who you say it to.

If you think what you're saying matters, someone will come along and convince you otherwise.

If you can withhold an opinion, yeah, you should.

I like to test boundaries on occasion, and blogging is the perfect place to do that sort of thing. It can manifest itself in a test run inside of a comment thread (pull pin, throw, see what happens when the denizens awake) and it can happen when I'm out and about on the other projects and responsibilities that I have (school? work? fun? relaxation? what are those things?).

It's always better not to demonstrate that you can rant. I can rant quite well here in my old age. I can tee up on a subject and have fun with it. The fallout from that is, there's always someone with a counter-rant that allows them to tee up and try to have a go at you. I'm fine with that. My thin skin keeps getting thicker by the day. Oh, embarrassing as it is to say it, I used to get really bothered. Now? I get bothered when I misspell something or get a fact wrong. That bothers me to no end.

The ease at which I could put on a mask and hide behind a character gave way to this thing called maturity, and wanting to own what it is I write and also the ideas and the baggage that goes with whatever it is I try to do around here. So, the fundamental nature of blogging is, to do it right, you occasionally have to say things that would cause others to look at you funny (or fire you, or not hire you, or just look at you like you have a potted plant on your head). You have to throw around a few "F" bombs and the like.

Can you get away with an opinion in a day and age like ours? Every opinion can and will follow you, and the more people try to escape this, the more likely it is that all blogging will cease and all social network interaction will either be made by the deranged or the timid. If your honest, immediate reaction is something that runs the gamut of embarrassing, ridiculous, forgettable, or awe-inspiring, why does that have to follow you around forever and attach itself to you? Can't you change your mind?

I change my mind. I try to change my ways, change whatever it is that makes sense to change at that moment. There's a little learning and all that mixed in. Are we in a "no learning" phase where no one is supposed to improve themselves? I say, go for the improvement. Find the weird that comforts you.