The Worst Political Ad Ever

This political ad will shock you.

Now, those of you who are jaded and used to this sort of thing will look at this skeptically. I looked at it skeptically. How bad could it be?


The racism and the hatred for women that you will find in this ad will knock you on your ass. Only a really, really deranged and hateful person could have scripted, created, and edited this for public consumption. The fact that someone paid for this, nurtured it, put it together, and then actually put it out there for other people to see speaks volumes.

What did they tell the young actors who appeared in this video? Did they tell them that this was intended to be an attack ad designed to inflame racial hatred? Or were they told "something else?"

This ad is proof that there is racism in the Republican Party. Don't give me this crap that "it wasn't paid for by the Republican Party." Please. It's an attack ad designed to elect a Republican, and a Tea Party Republican at that:
[Businessman] Craig Huey, a tea party Republican who's second place finish in one of California's first jungle primaries came as a surprise to most.
That's all you need to know. The Tea Party is a racist endeavor and the people at the helm know how to push those puttons and pull those levers.
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