Scotland Forever

Would it be a good thing to add another nation/state to the overall mix? Would it be wise to add one more nation to the NATO alliance?

Yes, if Scotland were to become an independent nation, it would HAVE to become a member of NATO. If not, a belligerent Scotland would start three wars and conquer Iceland.

Anyway, here's what's what:
It is the nation that once ran the largest empire the world has ever known, a country so powerful that it claimed to "rule the waves" in a patriotic anthem.

But last month a "political tsunami" struck the United Kingdom and this once-mighty state faces being broken up.
An astonishing victory for nationalists in the Scottish parliamentary elections means it is almost certain that a referendum will be held within five years on whether Scotland should leave the U.K. and become an independent country.
I have no problem with an independent Scotland. I'd like to see a united Ireland and an independent Wales as well. Must be the Anglophile in me, leaving.
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