Everything Turned to Brown All at Once

My blogging history is boring, but I'll take you through it so that we can restart this blog and get things going on the right foot.

An American Lion was the blog I started when I wanted to start my own blog after taking a few tentative steps in the blogging world under assumed names, made-up names, and half-assed CB radio handles. I wanted to say outrageous things but I wasn't brave enough to use my own name. But, here we are, five years on, and it's time to walk that back and say, "enough already." If you're going to blog, peel off the skin and do it right, and do it under your own name and take your lumps.

On this blog, in the massive archive that exists here, are numerous things I probably wish I had never written. It's a lot of angry, immature, unprofessional stuff that should have been deleted a long time ago. Yes, there are even pictures of hotties, but no nudity, because, well, why not? I worked out all of my problems here, and discovered, whoa, I have more problems than I ever thought possible.

Now it's time to take ownership of the fact that I've been doing this for a while and I think the easy thing to do would have been to hit delete and walk away from these angry posts. I refuse to do that. I'll eat humble pie and explain it thusly--in order to figure out how to blog, I had to make a lot of mistakes. Here they are.

Nothing fails quicker than satire.

The whole thing was supposed to be a satirical look at blogging from the viewpoint of an old guy who was raised in privilege with a trust fund and no accountability. I thought that this character had potential, and I found a voice with him. He's not based on anything other than a caricature of something that I thought was funny. I tried to be funny, I guess, and that might be the only saving grace of this archive of material. I wanted laughs, I wanted it to be bigger than life, and I wanted to poke holes in the sacred idea that you can't laugh at people who believe things that are different.

Mostly, though, these pieces missed the mark. I think I took the thing too far, and I should have stopped three years ago and I should have had the courage to man up and do this the right way. In April and May of this year, I started that process and I took everything apart and made up my mind to do this the right way. I set this blog aside and tried to figure out what to do with it.

Oh, sure. I really wanted to make it go away. But, when you're a blogger, you can't really run away from the things you've published or written. Besides, this blog had potential at one point, and, if I do this right, I can restore the potential and cause people to scratch their heads and look away embarrassed and confused if they scroll back into the days and weeks of nonsense that I stacked here.

I knew that the end was near when more and more of my own progressive ideas kept creeping in and elbowing aside the faux-conservative nonsense.

Here's what I've learned from all of these mistakes--no one has a lock on anything in American politics. Neither political ideology, liberal or conservative, has been entirely successful on the American political landscape, and so you have to figure out what works and what doesn't work. Doing that with an honest appraisal of what motivates people to talk about politics is almost impossible to do these days. If you spend the time learning how to argue from both sides, you can begin the process of mastering the argument. Once you get there, you can find answers to things that probably wouldn't occur to you if you were operating on one side of the argument with the obsession of a purist.

An American Lion began to evolve into a commentary on purity trolls and the lack of honest dialogue. I think there's a reason to continue to talk about these things, so reviving this blog and making the necessary changes is where I'm at right now. Plus, the traffic flow is amazing, thanks to the pictures of the hotties. Why run from that?