Defunding Planned Parenthood is Insane

Via Political Loudmouth

The tragic impact this will have on the reproductive health of women is staggering:

A judge handed Planned Parenthood a victory against the state of Indiana, restoring the right of Medicaid patients to seek care there, but that's just one battle in the wave of attacks on the health care provider.
In Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker signed a budget Sunday that included cutting funding to Planned Parenthood. Republicans argued that the $1 million cut didn't go far enough; said one state senator, "There's a very ugly side to this organization, and I regret that they're going to take such a tiny cut in this budget."
He may be comforted that Texas is about to become the biggest state to cut family planning funding to Planned Parenthood. An omnibus health reform bill includes a provision forbidding the state from "contract[ing] with entities that perform or promote elective abortions or affiliat[ing] with entities that perform or promote elective abortions."
Meanwhile, the organization is fighting back on a separate front: the intentional roadblocksset up in Kansas to chase abortion clinics out with "trap" regulations.
Health care costs are going to go through the roof when these states begin cutting back on the assistance that Planned Parenthood offers. This should be a major, major campaign issue in the coming months, one that is driven home in community after community that will see the suffering that this imposes on women.

Ideology is getting in the way of common sense. When that happens, make certain that your vote counts. The only way to defend an organization like Planned Parenthood is to be ready to take to the polls and defeat politicians who are prisoners of their ideology.

I have to believe that this is a losing issue for Republicans and social conservatives. Somehow, there's a disconnect between what people believe is important and what Planned Parenthood actually does in communities all over the country. Television ads would certainly help rectify this situation.
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