Celebrating Ignorance and Selectively Edited Wikipedia Pages

John Quincy Adams, by John Singleton Copley

Somewhere out there, one of the bleary-eyed followers of Michelle Bachmann has decided that the only way that her presidential candidacy can survive is by buttressing her public statements by editing Wikipedia to conceal her errors:

Bachmann's ideology gets in the way of her ability to communicate with the American people. She has painted herself into the corner where extremists end up. There's almost no where for her to move, and so she ends up handicapped by the rabid following that thinks it can operate as if this is 1998 and vandalize the Internet and make things up.

When faced with the fallout from making such a ridiculous statement--John Quincy Adams was President of the United States, yes, but he was certainly not a "Founding Father" of this country--all Bachmann has to do is say, "I misspoke and meant John Adams, of course," and all is well. 

On the heels of her official entry into the Presidential campaign in Iowa yesterday, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann came to “GMA” today.  I gave her the opportunity to clear up some of her past statements that caused Chris Wallace to ask if she is a “flake” and the Pulitzer-Prize winning website Politifact to find that Bachmann has made more false statements than any of the other GOP contenders.  
Top of my list – Bachmann’s contention earlier this year that the Founding Fathers “worked tirelessly” to end slavery. And her 2005 argument that eliminating the minimum wage could “virtually eliminate” unemployment.

No politician is free of such errors. The problem is, Bachmann's staff has to be the worst of the worst--ignorant, poorly-educated ideologues who cannot serve the Congresswoman in a capable manner.

Where have we seen this before? With Sarah Palin? With others? I can't keep track of them all. Mistakes happen for a number of reasons, but decent, competent staffers help alleviate those mistakes. Bachmann needs more people on her staff who come from a position of actually knowing something about this country. John Wayne was born in Winterset, Iowa. That's all right there for people to look up on the Internet, right? Well, how much do you want to bet that someone was tempted to change Winterset to Waterloo last night?

If your candidate can't survive without the help of amateur defacers and the like, don't expect to be on the winning team come November of 2012.
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