Can a Parent Rekindle a Brotherly Bromance?

Family is one thing, a bromance is something else:
Liam and Noel Gallagher have been ordered to sort out their differences by their mum, so as to make sure that Liam is in attendance at his brother's wedding.

According to the
Daily Star today (June 3), Peggy Gallagher has told the Beady Eye frontman that there is no chance she will let him miss brother Noel's wedding, which is due to happen this month when the former Oasis guitarist marries long-term girlfriend Sara MacDonald.

A source said: "Unless he's broken both his legs,
Liam has been told he is going to watch his brother get married." 
That's a nice sentiment--a mother stepping in to make two famous brothers "get along" and go through the motions at the wedding of one of the brothers. She may succeed in getting them to make nice for a family event, but this does not mean anything in terms of getting them to go back to work. The Gallagher brothers might have to wait a few years and allow for a little water to pass under the bridge before they can start to think about working together.

Then again, why do they have to get along? Or work together? Sometimes, people just make up their minds to go it alone. What's the harm in that?

A successful musical partnership is difficult to capture, recreate, or rebuild once it has ended. There's no doubt that they could come back together and do something musical, but once you get out of that sort of relationship, putting it back together gets harder and harder as the years go by. Once you find that being separated from someone makes your artistic life better, what's the incentive?

The Gallagher brothers are already rich. Why should they add misery to that equation? It would be fair to say that they were never appreciated, fully, when they were together, so why give the people what they "think" they want by reforming? Their mother just wants them in the same building for an hour or two. What's the harm in that?
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