Another Ill-advised Move for Justin Timberlake

It's certainly naughty and fun when people grope each other in public, but why wasn't the focus on this incident placed on how Mila Kunis basically reached for all of the marbles and found at least two, if not three? Her middle finger is clearly positioned to do twenty points of damage and, while I am no prude, how does this translate into entertainment? This sort of thing just isn't interesting. It's Douchbaggery 101--if you want to belittle a woman, grab her from behind like Justin Timberlake grabs Mila Kunis in the bottom photo. And, vice versa. Yes, women can engage in douchebaggery. It just takes a little more effort. Who wrote this into the show? And who didn't put up a hand and say, "nah, let's do something interesting instead."

Apparently, Justin Timberlake now has immunity from any and all Federal and State charges of douchbaggery. He's made of teflon now. And what's sad is, it probably wasn't even his idea to grope the poor woman.

Gentlemen, a quick experiment. Grab your wife or girlfriend in this manner in a public place. See how long you live.