Overtaken By Events

Kathryn Bigelow filming "The Hurt Locker"
It's a worthwhile question--what do you do now?

Somebody get Kathryn Bigelow a rewrite! 
Just as the Oscar-winning director and her screenwriting collaborator Mark Boal have been meeting with actors for anOsama Bin Laden assassination project, Bin Laden was killed by U.S. forces in a Pakistani compound. 
How this will impact the project is yet to be seen. Bigelow and Boal, the director and writer of 2009 best picture winner The Hurt Locker, are working on an action thriller tentatively titled Kill Bin Laden. The movie is to be based on a failed Black Ops mission by the US military to capture the Al-Qaida leader. 
Michael Fassbender was one of the actors in contention to star, but he is no longer in the running. Joel Edgerton is the latest to be circling, and sources say he is likely to attach himself now that his association with Universal's Snow White and the Huntsman seems to have waned. (Edgerton was until about a week ago a strong contender to play the Huntsman, a role Viggo Mortensen was once interested in playing.) 
But now that Bin Laden has been killed, what happens to the Kill Bin Laden project?
I think you scrap it and move on. By the time all of the particulars can be arranged, and by the time the story has been told in a documentary format in some medium (think of a major news outlet or the History Channel), there may not be the level of anticipation for the film that would have otherwise happened five years or three years or even a year ago.
Now, if they can come up with an angle that tells the story in a way that a documentary or news special cannot, they could certainly build enough interest in the film. My guess is that the events are just too immediate.

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