It's Time To Stop Fixating on Kirstie Alley's Weight

Kirstie Alley
This is transparently ridiculous:
Dancing With the Stars” hopeful Kirstie Alley has undergone a dramatic weight loss transformation this season, but if ballroom pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy has anything to say about, the actress will soon stop worrying about her waistline.
During rehearsals for Monday night’s Argentine tango, Alley stumbled, tripped and fell her way through the routine. By the time Chmerkovskiy called an end to the dance, the usually sure-footed star explained that she was on the verge of passing out.
“I don’t think I’ve eaten enough,” Alley later confessed to the camera. “I mean, I know I haven’t eaten enough. Today I’ve probably had 150 calories.”
Doesn't that sound awful? She sounds like she is putting her health in serious jeopardy. And for what? Starvation diets are extremely dangerous. This is information you can get anywhere:
It is important to note that starving yourself to lose weight will not only affect your metabolism. Eating too little during the day will also often lead you to sabotage your weight loss efforts in other ways. Not consuming appropriate amounts of food can lead to fatigue, which could prevent you from exercising on a regular basis. Finally, severely restricting your calories has been shown to lead to binge eating, which will cause you to lose any benefit you may have gained from eating way too little. The best choice for weight loss is to eat highly nutritious foods and start exercising.
The poor woman's health--and not her weight--are what is important here. Healthy people focus on just that--their overall health and fitness. I don't believe in dieting. I believe in healthy behaviors and that old mantra, "eat less, exercise more."

Miss Alley is trying to function on 1,400 calories a day. That has to be a miserable way to live.

The media fixates on Kirstie Alley because she has gained weight in her later years and uses this fact as a "humiliation" moment. People love to read stories about celebrities who have fallen on hard times. Few will admit that they don't look so hot themselves. It doesn't change the fact of who she was and what she is now. She's in the entertainment business. She was, and still is, a tremendously talented and beautiful woman. That will never change, no matter what she looks like.

If we had a healthy dialogue in this country about realistic body images, this wouldn't even be a story.
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