Estella Warren Has a Really Bad Night Out on the Town

This is the kind of notoriety some people would die for:

Estella Warren is making one pretty jail bird right now.

The model and Planet of the Apes star landed herself in the slammer after allegedly smashing into three cars in Los Angeles on Monday.
The steering-challenged beauty drove away from the scene, was nailed by cops and ultimately arrested for DUI. And then it really got bad...
Warren, who was driving her Toyota Prius when the incident happened, initially resisted arrest—in other words, kicked a cop—after police caught up with her, but she was eventually cuffed and hauled off to the station after failing a field-sobriety test (go figure) just past midnight.
But that wasn't the end of her adventure.
When Warren was being booked, she managed to slip her skinny model wrists out of her handcuffs and bolted for the back door of the station, where she tried to escape.

I believe that makes a total of four felonies that Warren is now going to be charged with. And, in all seriousness, Warren could have been seriously injured or even killed. Resisting arrest and then trying to escape from police custody are nothing to laugh at.

One side note out of all of this--her age. She has been "known" to be aged 32. Her biographical piece on IMDB has her listed as being born in 1978. When booked, they added eight years to her age, making her 40. How does that sort of thing still happen?