Can You Have a Bromance With Your Daughter?

Steven Tyler and Liv Tyler
If you like to wear women's clothing, why not?

Liv Tyler must approve of dad Steven Tyler's fashion sense - because she says the Aerosmith frontman and "American Idol" judge borrows clothes from her closet.
"My dad wears girls' clothes - it's so funny. Sometimes I see him and I'm like, 'Nice shirt!', because it's from my closet," she told New York magazine.
The actress added she's "really proud" of her father, and the offbeat things he's become notorious for saying on "Idol" are normal to her.

Liv Tyler doesn't seem to mind that her father is wearing her clothes. Not minding is the same as giving personal consent to the fact. Good for them.

Being possessive about clothing extends only to those items which are intensely personal. The shirt is not really a personal item of clothing; yes, that naked lady bowling shirt you bought in Thailand is a personal item signifying a major accomplishment. No man should have to share his naked lady bowling shirt. However, your State College sweatshirt is free to a good home because it's not cool to be possessive about your alma mater when you pass the age of 25 (unless you're 25 and still in school--what's wrong with you? Are you trying to make professor by the time you're 30?)

Men exchange clothes all the time. It's practically a requirement that, at some point in your misguided bromance with another man, you'll end up wearing a shirt you never bought. Pants? No. But shirts, jackets, jerseys and socks? Why not?
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