Bethenny Frankel Will Beat This Rap

It's not really a rap. It's a contractual dispute. And it happens when you suddenly find yourself with a great deal of money and success. All of the hangers-on who couldn't hang on try to sink their hooks in you. And Bethenny now has to deal with it:
Reality star turned liquor mogul Bethenny Frankel has been sued by her ex-managers, who claim they helped broker her pairing with the lucrative Skinnygirl cocktail brand and were cut out of the rich deal that followed. 
Los Angeles-based Raw Talent sued the Real Housewives of New York and Bethenny Ever After star today in L.A. Superior Court. Raw co-president Doug Wald alleges he met Frankel in May 2008, as she was appearing on Real Housewives, and she expressed interest in launching her own unscripted series. He says he then helped introduce her to some agents at APA that specialize in repping reality stars.
If there was a clear violation of a written contract, I would imagine Frankel will settle the case. If there's anything ambiguous, hopefully the judge can see through the greedy aspirations of the people suing her.

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