Behold, the Mancation

Okay, this made me laugh. I had never heard of the term "mancation" and I think I laughed at how stupid I was for not already knowing what one of these things was:

Wake surfing while firing automatic weapons. Experiencing zero gravity during spaceflight training. Learning the secrets of invisibility at ninja camp.
These are all things comedic duo Evan Mann and Gareth Reynolds have done while filming their new Travel Channel show, “Mancations.”
Travel Channel Comedic duo Gareth Reynolds, left, and Evan Mann are hosts of the new Travel Channel show, "Mancations."
So how do these best buds define mancation? “A guy-themed trip, places where guys go to get away from it all and get back to their primal roots,” says Reynolds.
If the 2009 movie “The Hangover” is like a mancation on steroids, then the new Travel channel series can be described as a couple of funny guys hanging out – and having a seriously fun time – while undergoing testosterone-fueled activities like lumberjack training, crab fishing and a Civil War battle re-enactment, all in some beautiful places from Alaska to Arizona.
Yeah, yeah. I'm burned out on The Hangover, too. The judge says it can go forward, so, I guess a 'yay' is in order. The original "mancation" was "Stripes," by the way.
When I was poking around for more stuff to add to this post, I came across a brilliant photography website. Photographer Kevin Raber writes about his own mancation, and so, in honor of his much, much better waterfall photo, I dug out a shot I took of the Triberg waterfall.
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