Would Leonardo DiCaprio Throw Down With Clint Eastwood?

Perish the thought:
Currently, Leonardo DiCaprio is filming the J. Edgar bio-pic with director Clint Eastwood. I’ve been hearing various stuff about the filming, mostly controlled leaks about potential plotlines and that kind of stuff, but I hadn’t heard anything about tempers flaring. Until now! The National Enquirer’s gossip guy Mike Walker claims that Clint and Leo got into a little tiff while filming inWashington, D.C. one day. Clint, a famously reserved and fast director, got the take he was looking for and called it a day. Leo did not agree, and pitched a fit. I mean… you know Clint has turds bigger than Leo, right?
FEELIN’ LUCKY, PUNK?… WELL, ARE YOU? You coulda heard a pin drop when LEONARDO DICAPRIO suddenly got feisty with Oscar-winning director CLINT EASTWOOD on the set of “J. Edgar” and demanded a retake on a scene where he reacts to a bomb explosion on a Washington, D.C., street.
Clint loved the take, called it a wrap and told everyone to go home – but Leo felt he hadn’t looked shocked enough in the scene, and insisted on a redo.
“No,” said Clint, “I’m happy with it.”
Said My On-Set Spy: “Leo got upset and demanded that Clint reshoot the scene. Stunned by Leo’s challenging manner, everyone got real quiet. Then Clint turned to the cameraman and said, in a quiet Dirty Harry rasp: ‘He can shoot it again – but make sure there’s no film in the camera.’”
Instantly, Leo lost his temper, screamed: “FORGET IT!” – and stormed off the set. Shooting resumed the next day, but sources say the air’s thick with tension.
Tension? As in, the young fellow realizes that he can't win when it comes to challenging aHollywood legend?

I mark this down to "creative differences." Mr. Eastwood has reached a point in his life where his creative abilities are his to command. Mr. DiCaprio has twenty or thirty years to go before he can even begin to approach where Eastwood was when they were giving him his Oscar for Unforgiven. Will Mr. DiCaprio get there?