The BBC Turns its Back on the Caribbean

Trunk Bay, US Virgin Islands
Oh, I don't like this at all:

The BBC Caribbean Service is making its final broadcasts, ending seven decades of programming for the region.
The service is being shut as part of budget cuts announced by the BBC World Service in January.
BBC managers say they have had to make tough choices because of a 16% cut in UK government funding.
But one critic called it a short-sighted decision, showing the BBC did not understand the complexities of the region.

I guess money rules. How does the BBC save money by eliminating broadcast content and material, however? I've never understood how that works.

You don't have to be British to appreciate the BBC. I find myself turning to them, more and more, in order to avoid the jackals in the American media. But, with these cuts at hand, why should I hope to see a BBC product worth citing in my blog posts?
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