A System for Fighting Viruses?

This is a good read:

The scientific community has forever looked at nature for inspiration and as a treasure trove of solutions for vexing problems.Words like “bio-inspired”, biomimetics, biomimicry and bionics have been coined and used to describe this fascination. In the area of information security, the most obvious link is the parallels we draw between securing a system and the human immune system. In fact, Robert Helms Anderson states in the RAND monograph report “Securing the U.S. Defense Information Infrastructure“:
It turned out to be virtually impossible for us to find examples of information infrastructure protection that had no analog in biology.

And then the article quotes thusly, "We need a system for biological viruses that can do the same thing."

That made me laugh out loud.

Computer viruses do not occur in nature. They are the creation of sociopaths with computers and code.

Viruses live in the cells of a host and come in millions of variations, as anyone with access to Wikipedia will tell you. And some latent viruses are beneficial. I hope that, when they come up with their master plan to create a virus-fighting system, they remember to avoid destroying the viruses that are harmless and don't inadvertently create a virus that wipes out all of humanity.

Darn thing, that pushback.

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