Do Not Tell Them Anything, Mr. Clooney

Italy is in an uproar. Well, not really. Italy has problems. This is sort of one of them.
Silvio Berlusconi's defense lawyers on Tuesday named George Clooney, the Italian foreign minister and a bevy of showgirls as witnesses at the premier's upcoming prostitution trial, an attorney and news reports said.
Prosecutors, for their part, have asked to hear from 136 witnesses, including the Moroccan teenager at the center of the scandal and 32 other women who allegedly worked as prostitutes during parties at Berlusconi's villa, according to Italian news reports.
Don't say a thing, Mr. Clooney. Just pretend you don't know what's going on and crack wise about having to catch a plane to a country where the head of state likes his whores to be of age.