Let Me See if I Have This Right

I have some observations about this:

Charlie Sheen's studio bosses may be going with the hands up, " what can we do?" approach regarding his crazy antics that landed him at home " in rehab," but many of the rest of the crew on the hit show are not so calm.
"Two and a Half Men" is now on hiatus while Sheen figures his crap out and this has many on set fuming.
"We are really pissed," vents one of the key crew members on set.
"A lot of us do not get paid, if we don't work," continues our rightfully frustrated source. "So, if he's off getting rehabbed, or porn-o-ing, or whatever, we're screwed."

What nonsense.

Here are my observations for these pathetic crew members.

You signed up to work on a television show, knowing that all television shows are temporary and are not guaranteed to last for a set amount of time, and that their continued existence is based solely on money (i.e., whether the show is making money and whether people are watching--the two being unrelated at certain times).

You signed up to work on a show where Charlie Sheen is the most important actor.

You expected Charlie Sheen to keep his nose clean.

You expected Charlie Sheen to keep his nose clean knowing full well of the man's personal history and his stated preference for doing whatever he wants whenever he wants.

You signed up to work on said show with said star, and expected things to be hunky dory even though the man is being paid obscene amounts of money which have, in turn, fueled his self-destructive tendencies.

Alrighty then.

Let me ease everyone concerned back into reality.

There's nothing wrong with Charlie Sheen, and there's nothing wrong with his behavior. As long as he accepts the consequences of his behavior, what's the issue? He has always accepted the consequences. He has talent and ability, and it is his choice to squander these things. Ask yourself this--why is he working on broadcast television and acting in a part that requires very little from him? Because it is easy money. That easy money fuels his habits and it fuels his behavior. His enablers are Warner Brothers in particular and, indirectly, Les Moonves, who is the man who should have pulled the plug on this a long time ago (assuming we are still "outraged" and "shocked" by Sheen's bad behavior).

Sheen has done nothing to endanger the soul-crushing perch upon which he resides. He has just been himself. He has no desire to achieve anything of significance anymore. He has chosen to live for his own pleasures. Few Americans would choose differently if they were in his position.

I am sick and tired of the denigrating things people keep saying about the young women who work in the porn industry. They don't have the advantages that Sheen has. They are in what amounts to a massive shark tank and they are used, every chance that happens, for what they have and what they will give up. They are underpaid, under-appreciated, and slandered every time they try to leave the porn world behind and enter the mainstream. They're just trying to make a living as well.

If anyone really cared about Charlie Sheen, I would be surprised. He is at the center of a money tornado, and, brother, that thing isn't going to land anywhere but in a rickety old trailer park full of kittens, widows and orphans.
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