Is It Wrong to Try to Make a Living Nowadays?

Kacey Jordan, bikini

What did you expect Miss Kacey Jordan to do? Sell girl scout cookies and give the money to the little sisters of the poor?

Charlie Sheen's $30,000 hooker, Kacey Jordan, is poised to star in an adult film re-creation of her wild 36-hour bender with the Two and a Half Men star, has exclusively learned.
Jordan, 22, will star in the production commissioned by a major porn studio and will be paid tens of thousands of dollars to appear as the co-star and provide editorial direction about what happened during the out-of-control party that lead to Sheen's at-home rehab stint.
"Initially, the studio offered Kacey an incentive of close to $100,000 to lure the five porn actresses who were with Charlie to star in the feature," a source with knowledge of the transaction told
However, the blonde bombshell was unable to persuade her fellow porn co-horts to sign on to the project.
Porn this, porn that. So what?

If a young lady needs to make a living, who cares how she makes her living? I cannot abide the moralizing tone of these celebrity blogs. There isn't a single one of them--and I'm talking about the ground-down mooks who write for them and chase people around with cameras and all that--who wouldn't drop their cheap pants and huff and moan and squirm for the cash if they could. Many of them are diseased and obese, or beyond ugly and strange looking. Don't hate on a pretty young lady who knows how to survive in the adult film industry.

I come from the business world. Don't lecture me about who is, and who is not, a whore.
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