The Lady Won't Go Away

It's a shame, really:
Charlie Sheen filed a lawsuit Monday for extortion and two other counts against the porn star who claims he tried to choke her during a bizarre meltdown in a New York hotel last month.
In the lawsuit [...] Sheen alleges thatChristina Walsh, aka Capri Anderson, demanded $1 million from the Two and a Half Men star to keep quiet. The suit also alleges that Walsh works as a prostitute.
My goodness. A prostitute? Too bad for Mr. Sheen and his lawyer--many prostitutes can, and often do, submit valid testimony to the courts, especially when a client attacks them. Not enough of them are heard, however.

Here's the part that made me laugh:
Sheen’s lawsuit was filed by L.A. power attorney Marty Singer and says Walsh engaged in "an attempted shakedown and extortion of the internationally known actor and celebrity Charlie Sheen."
I have fixed it for the poor lawyer:
"...internationally known actor and celebrity Charlie Sheen is also known for drug use, alcohol abuse, assaulting women, spousal abuse, frequenting prostitutes, lying to law enforcement personnel, and breaking the law."
The man does most of his crimes with his own children present. He's one kicked puppy away from being the devil incarnate or Mel Gibson, take your pick.

How can you attack the credibility of someone else when you, yourself, have none?


Therapy isn't working for David Arquette:
Perhaps thinking he was revealing too much, Arquette later insisted he's just fine. "I know people think I've flipped my lid but I haven't," he Tweeted Saturday. "I'm cool. Listen to Bob Marley's "Soul Rebel" you'll know where I'm comin' from."

Last month Arquette shed some light on what contributed to the split with Cox, 46, whom, he says, wants him to grow up. 
"She says that to me: 'I don't wanna be your mother anymore,' " Arquette said at the time. "I appreciated that. I respected that. I've been going to therapy. I'm trying to grow up." 
The boy can't help being a douchebag.
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