He's Still Just a Punk

I shouldn't be upset at the happiness of others, but still:
Ryan Seacrest and girlfriend Julianne Hough have jetted off to Paris, and the happy couple have wasted no time seeing the sights and spending quality time together. 

On Tuesday, the two, who are also in town with Seacrest's parents and his sister Meredith, lunched at Chez AndrĂ© and were spotted strolling hand-in-hand through the City of Light. Next on their itinerary? A stop by Dior's flagship boutique on Avenue Montaigne. 
As if the setting wasn't perfect enough, Hough has gushed that her beau is "really romantic,"telling Ellen DeGeneres that for her birthday he put "flowers everywhere. I was almost embarrassed." 

There's something about that fellow that bothers me. I can't put a finger on it, nor should I try. He's very lucky, however. Perhaps that is what bothers me.