Why Do You Have to Go After Gwyneth?

The headline in this article implies that we need to attack Gwyneth Paltrow:
Why you shouldn't detox like Demi (or eat like Gwyneth)
Twitter, blogs make it easy to follow the weird diet habits of the slim and famous
These days it’s not enough to dress and get plastic surgery like a celebrity. We have to eat like one, too.
With Twitter, blogs and Facebook it’s easier than ever to find out first-hand how you can graze like Gwyneth or detox like Demi.
Nearly every celeb from Jessica Simpson to Kirstie Alley seems unable to keep their scary diet tricks to themselves. Megan Fox downs vinegar shots to slim down. Kim and Khloe Kardashian “cleanse” with diet drinks they’re also selling. Even Salma Hayek has jumped on the cleanse bandwagon as a co-owner of a detox delivery program called Cooler Cleanse.
Only by reading the article do we see that these nutty nutritional ideas come from a variety of celebrities. Demi Moore pretty much runs Twitter now. She controls that Ashton Kutcher boy and she isn't making movies anymore, so why not, right?

I would like to blame scientology, but that wouldn't be fair. It would be funny, but not fair. Only a handful of the desperately craven celebrities who are manipulating the media are scientologists. Many of them are doing this for cold, hard cash. And that's fine. In America, we celebrate capitalism. We have a lot of really, really disgustingly fat people in America. Convincing them that they can do something, other than eat less and exercise more, is par for the course.

Who is still logging in to their Twitter account? What a bunch of nonsense. It's 2010. Twitter is still around?
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