Capri Anderson is too Good for Charlie Sheen

Adult film star Capri Anderson
This poor young lady is slumming with Hollywood's premiere nut job:
Charlie Sheen is back in L.A., set to tape a cameo in an upcoming film. Meanwhile, back in New York, details continue to emerge about his alleged rampage at the Plaza Hotel.
According to a law enforcement source that spoke to NBC New York, when police first discovered Sheen, he wasn't yet naked. He was "in his skivvies," according to the NBC New York report, and Sheen was "trashing the place: smashing mirrors, furniture, and even the television." Once police confronted Sheen, he reportedly "removed his underwear and completed the rampage in the buff."
Authorities eventually pacified Sheen, coaxed him into a bathrobe, and eventually "proper clothing" before taking him to the hospital. Porn star Capri Anderson, whose legal name is Christina Walsh, was also reportedly in the room, according to sources that spoke to NBC. She wasn't charged with any crime, nor was Sheen.
Charlie Sheen is out of his mind and do you know who is really to blame here?

Les Moonves.

That's right. Les Moonves is running CBS, and he, at least until now, has never demonstrated to me that he will deal with his troubled star and get him some help. And when I say get him some help, I mean, cut off the millions of dollars in salary they are paying him to phone it in on his sit-com. Compel him into a rehabilitation program. In other words, act like a responsible employer. It is that ridiculous sit-com salary that has enabled Sheen to run wild. And, yes. He would do so if flat broke. But, trust me--millions of dollars do not a more lovable addict make.

Next time you go on a naked rampage in an expensive hotel room, ask yourself this: if it wasn't for the millions that Les Moonves is paying you, could you afford to get fired? Oh, wait. That's a trick question. Fifteen minutes after your mug hits the papers, you'd be out of a job, even if you were working for Les Moonves (unless, of course, you were Jon Cryer or Neil Patrick Harris).

Moonves cannot solve the Charlie Sheen problem with one phone call, but he can do what an employer should always do in this situation and that is, take steps to separate the abuser from the millions of dollars in salary that are enabling the abuser. He can tell Sheen's agent that unless Sheen cleans up and gets sober, he's cancelled. He can then call Christian Slater and give him the job and tell Sheen to take a hike. I realize that Christian Slater is, more or less, a poor man's Charlie Sheen, and I realize that that's mean of me, but I doubt whether or not Andrew McCarthy or Ethan Hawke would pass on taking that phone call from Moonves in their own right. I know Andy Dick needs the work. And, I know that David Hasselhoff would be a hot mess of epic proportions if they tried to go with him. Who else could do it? Certainly not that poor fellow, Chris Klein.

Until Sheen is either arrested or dead, and until he harms someone, no one is going to deal with this issue. Moonves won't touch one of his signature sit-coms. And that's sad. But make no mistake about it--the man signing Sheen's checks needs to stop signing those checks for anything of a positive nature to happen.

Charlie Sheen is on a rampage. Someone is going to get hurt unless drastic steps are taken. That someone could have been poor Miss Walsh. Would anyone care if a "porn star" were harmed by an out-of-control Charlie Sheen? In this country, the prudes would say "that's her own fault" but I would say that we should not judge this young woman who is just trying to make a living.

No, this is not going to end well unless someone does something to actually compel Sheen to get help. I hope that I am wrong, but that's how I see it.