Build a Tool Set Around the Right Cordless Drill

I think this is a great place to start:
Home maintenance takes time, and you don't need to waste even more trekking to the hardware store for basic tools each time you start a project. Bob Tedeschi at the Times pulls together the must-have items for every toolbox, from the basic hammer, screwdriver, cordless drill, pliers and wrenches (both regular and socket), to the less obvious but still important stud finder, level, and small handsaw. He also goes through the many variations on each tool, noting the pros and cons of each, like safety performance and multitasking ability.
It's not so much a shopping list of tools as much as it is a guide to creating your own. Everyone has different needs and preferences, so while there are certainly tools everyone should have, there is no one size fits all solution...
You can consolidate the tools you need just by figuring out how to use the cordless drill with the right bits and chucks. The article covers the essentials, but I'll tell you what you need--a cordless drill and then whatever the drill won't do. Get as many different kinds of drill accessories as you can--especially if you like putting together furniture from IKEA. And never pay retail--build your tool set by starting at your local pawn shop. Extra accessories for drills are easy to pick up on the cheap in a pawn shop because people tend to keep the essentials and pawn the luxury items, like that handy fifty-six piece set of extra drill bits and the like.

The way things have been lately, if you can't walk out of a pawn shop with a good cordless drill and your own basic tool set, then someone got there before you did.