There Are no Style Icons

Details has a nice interview up with the actor Jon Hamm. I won't quote from the article, but I have noticed that, as of late, Details has run some articles that I have actually enjoyed reading.

American style is always changing. It is not dead. But it is something of a misunderstood concept. Style does not flow down from the stars; style flows upwards. The stars copy what they see in their lives and show it back to us. The stars are supposed to be a little weird and a little cooler than the rest of us, and they're supposed to make us want to be like them because they are, after all, just copying what we have figured out on our own.

I don't see any male style icons. There's a chance that Jeff Bridges could be that fellow right now. There's a chance that Ben Affleck could transform himself into a more well-rounded sort of a Tom Hanks kind of movie star with his new film. I do not see how a basic-cable show can really make Mr. Hamm into the kind of a global celebrity that is worthy of being anointed the "style icon" of America, circa 2010. Doesn't George Clooney trade off with Brad Pitt on this front? And aren't all of these fellows just a little too bland to compare to a Richard Burton or a Steve McQueen?

No offense intended here, but there was only one Steve McQueen. When was the last time you saw a movie star with one tenth of as much charisma or rage?

Mr. Hamm is an excellent actor, but labeling him as the "style icon" is dangerous. Just as David Caruso.