Out and About in Medieval Germany

Whenever we can dump whatever we’re doing and go to a fest, we go to a fest. This is Germany. If you don’t go to a fest, there’s something wrong with you.

These photos are from the mittelalter (Middle Ages) fest at Hirsau Abbey, near Calw.

Don't talk to me about the Renaissance Festival in your home town. These are photos from a real fair, held on the grounds of an old abbey that dates back to the 9th Century.

I especially like how they left barrels sitting around for authenticity. Really, it was a great time. I think we spent somewhere around three hundred euro, and only some of it was for the meat on a skewer stick.

The beer? My God, man. The beer was wonderful. The food was wonderful. The atmosphere was terrific. People take their dogs everywhere, of course, and the place was jam-packed. The skills of the artisans were evident. The music was interesting and the crowd was fantastic. The weather was to die for.

Here, a man operates a saw. This is how they used to make things. With saws. Oh, never mind.

You may have done the Renaissance Festival back in the states, but to attend one in Germany is completely and utterly badass, since everyone carries working weapons around.