It Wouldn't Be the First Time Letterman Was Faking It

Why am I not surprised?
Joaquin Phoenix wasn't the only person to dupe 'Late Show' viewers during his infamous appearance last year. No, it now appears David Letterman was in on the ruse the entire time.

The Hollywood Reporter dug up an interview from last year with one of Letterman's writers, Bill Scheft, claiming Letterman was in on the bearded Phoenix joke all along, and faked the famous interview on live television.

"Dave knew about it and Dave loved it because he could play along," Scheft said in the interview with independent newspaper Nuvo that was dug up on Friday after Affleck called off the act.

In an interview with the New York Times, director of the Phoenix mockumentary "I'm Still Here" Casey Affleck said no one knew about the joke, except for his agent, of course. Scheft says otherwise.

Ethics? Those are for the little guy. Letterman doesn't care. He does whatever he wants.

This is one of the great whiffs in the history of entertainment. Two young men, who thought they were smarter than everyone else, failed to accomplish anything of merit, even after getting some old has-been to help them out. Hilarious.

And, yes. This is exactly how Tim Robbins and John Cusack feel whenever someone brings up the film Tapeheads, only probably not as shitty.
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