If Someone Leaves Jane's Addiction, Does it Even Matter at This Point?

This is far less bitchy than it could have been:
Rock band Jane's Addiction said Monday it has parted ways with its latest bass player, former Guns N' Roses member Duff McKagan, five months after announcing his addition to the oft-vacated post.

McKagan, 46, performed a few concerts with the band, and worked on new material for its first album in seven years, but musical differences cut short his tenure.
"Hey we wanted to thank Duff for helping us write songs for our new record," the band said via email. "We love the songs we worked on with him -- and the gigs were a blast -- but musically we were all headed in different directions. From here Duff is off to work on his own stuff so we wish him all the best."
Guess what, diehard fans--you've been insulted once again by the fickle indulgences of overpaid, bloated musicians who are still counting on you to buy their overpriced, shiny discs filled with tuneless, soul-crushing crap. These jackasses are counting on you to stumble into Wal-Mart and buy whatever they're selling so that they can continue living the high life, working once every five to seven years, employing any and all means to drain the pockets of their unsuspecting fans. Don't be the half-wit who pays for Perry Ferrel's shopping spree through Restoration Hardware. Buy your instrument and make a better album than he ever could. Work your ass off. Live, breathe and create your own music.
This will not change unless you stop buying their music and start making your own music for your friends and family. Anyone can play guitar. All you have to do is practice. How hard is that to figure out?