What Can Zemanta Do For Me?

[gallery]That's what I said when I came across it. I blurted out, what the devil is this thing called Zemanta? No one responded. I was abandoned and alone, but not for long. That's what tinkly ringy bells are for. 
Zemanta sounds like some sort of exotic dip, made with beansor sour cream, used to make tortilla chips palatable for someone like myself, who can only do Mexican food once a month (I end up drinking far too much water, and hot food has always given me fits, especially Thai food).
Well, I'm giving Zemanta a try.
Why? To show you know what you’re doing and give credo to your posts.
How? With tact, insight and a little help fromZemanta.
The function of related articles in a blog resembles the function of further reading at the end of a scientific article, or if we put it more simply it is the badge you get when you put in the effort of climbing on the shoulders of giants, get a better view of the idea-scape and come back down to tell what you saw up there. Related articles are the surest sign to your readers that you are aware of the world on the other side of your garden fence.
You can also use Zemanta related articles as reference while you’re still writing and researching the topic. Even simply scanning what has been written before will give more power and drive to your thoughts. It will give you a better insight into the background on which you test your ideas.
Your post should be a good resource for your readers, so giving 2 or 3 further readings at the end will help them to explore the topic further and return to your blog, because they found you give relevant additional information next to your opinions.
Showing your readers that you’re in the know is good, it earns you respect and gives your blog additional credibility you need to expand your readership.
If Zemanta really does save me a half an hour a day, then myblogging time will decrease to exactly that, a half an hour. I can live with that. And, let's face it, as a blogger, I already have no credibility whatsoever. It's like I don't really exist or anything.

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