Michael Steele Rearranges the Deck Chairs

Michael Steele paid these interns nothing to help him waste a whole lot of money

The Republican National Committee still sends me various E-mails and the like, but they are now gathering dust in my SPAM catcher, which is that thing in gmail that I love more than I love my children. So long as Michael Steele is running things, of course they aren't getting any money from your uncle Norman; they haven't gotten a penny from me in a while, and they're upset. They're mad. They're pouting like some debutante left by the side of the road after forgetting her birth control pills before the prom.

Anyway, here's how Michael Steele is continuing his reign of error:

The Republican National Committee's finance director and his deputy were forced out Friday as the organization still reels from reimbursements for donors to attend a lesbian bondage-themed nightclub in Los Angeles.

RNC chief of staff Michael Leavitt sent an e-mail message to committee members telling them of the changes in the fundraising department and promising a strong strategy heading into crucial midterm elections in November. A replacement for finance director Rob Bickhart and deputy Debbie LeHardy, expected to be longtime Republican fundraiser Mary Heitman, was to be announced soon.

The finance team's ouster came late on a Friday as the RNC prepared for a major meeting with its state party chairs in the Washington area next week. The RNC became a late-night joke and questions arose about chairman Michael Steele's tenure after financial reports showed lavish spending, including almost $2,000 for a night at a sex-themed nightclub with topless entertainers.

In days gone by, the man in charge would have been gone by now. The underlings carry out the requests and wishes of the members of the party; had Mr. Leavitt refused to pay for these things, he would have been raked over the coals and fired anyway, and Michael Steele knows that. His refusal to resign and take the hit means that the Republican Party is not his first, second, third, or fourth priority right now. His first priority is himself, and he has someone by the short hairs. How else to explain his frightwig of a tenure?

Someone smart needs to trace the arc between the demise of Michael Steele's RNC and the rise of the Tea Party movement. As Steele continues to ruin the fundraising arm, and the message machine of, the establishment Republican party, the rise of the alternative form of Republicanism called the Tea Party movement will shatter mailing lists and E-mail fundraising lists all across the country.

I wrote about this a while back; have a gander if you like.

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