This is What Passes For an Idea?

Did you know that Sacha Baron Cohen has ideas? This idea got him tens of millions of dollars and a much-heralded deal:

In the laugher, Sacha Baron Cohen (repped by WME) plays dual roles: both a goat herder and a deposed foreign dictator who gets lost in the United States. Cohen wants to keep the storyline close to the vest, but we're told it's in the spirit of Coming To America meets Trading Places. It will be his next film. Not only is Cohen starring, but he's also writing the film with the three Curb Your Enthusiasm scribes -- writers Alec Berg (repped by UTA), Jeff Schaffer (repped by UTA), and David Mandel (repped by WME) -- and all four are producing. The quartet went to 6 studios in 2 days pitching for an hour each. ("They all kind of came up with the pitch together. And one of the reasons this was so special is that the whole storyline was fleshed out, including all the main comedy scenes, by Sasha during the pitch.") But this is the first time Sasha is bringing these new characters to the big screen.

It must have been some pitch. I've already fallen asleep.

It's the Saddam Hussein story, had he taken the deal to leave Iraq before the start of the Iraq War. Let me guess what happens--Mr. SBC goes and has someone act unimpressed with his character's resume, and the character in question shouts "don't you know who I am?"

When I read about these half-assed attempts at making films and entertaining people, I reach for old DVDs and I just watch a Steve McQueen film.