Poor Tara Reid

Tara Reid
First Sandra Bullock, then the lovely Jennifer Love Hewitt, and now this:

Four months after becoming engaged, Tara Reid says her wedding planned for next month is off.

The actress and Playboy model, 34, gave no explanation, releasing only a brief statement saying, "Tara Reid has confirmed that she will not be moving forward with her May 22 nuptials."

After dating for several months, Reid and Internet entrepreneur Michael Axtmann were engaged in January when he presented her with a ring while having dinner at a Los Angeles restaurant, prompting applause from other diners.

I was having a great day on the blogs, working my way through all of the issues of the day, and now? Now all I want to do is close the blinds and take a nap. That poor young lady. What kind of a world do we live in? We all need love. We all need some good press. We all need to know that there is a chance...

a chance...for love.

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