Jessica Simpson Isn't Wearing Any Makeup

Jessica Simpson

No matter how you feel about Jessica, this really is a lovely photo, and here's why she posed this way:

Marie Claire with Jessica Simpson on the Cover
If you haven’t tuned in to “The Price of Beauty” on VH1, Jessica Simpson’s Marie Claire photo shoot, for the magazine’s May issue, will give you an illustrative synopsis.

Simpson will be featured on the cover of the magazine with air-dried hair, no makeup and no retouching.

"I don't have anything to prove anymore,” she told Marie Claire. “What other people think of me is not my business."

And while the Internet is abuzz with people praising her for the shoot, others are having a hard time believing there was no makeup or retouching involved.

Last year, Kim Kardashian appeared on the un-retouched cover of Life & Style in a bikini beside the quote, “I have cellulite, so what!”

Well, that doesn't mean I want to see it, but that's neither here nor there. When Jessica has confidence, she does fine. Confidence in a young woman is a good thing.