Sandra Bullock Dances With Karma, and Karma Steps on Her Feet

Sandra Bullock

When I was on my hiatus and break, this story hit like a firestorm, and I completely and utterly missed it:

In the wake of a scandal that has rocked her marriage, Sandra Bullock is quietly determining her next move, say friends.

Stunned by revelations that her husband Jesse James cheated with tattoo model Michelle McGee, Bullock "needs time to grieve and process what has happened," a close friend tells PEOPLE in its new cover story, on newsstands Friday.

The friend says Bullock, 45, learned of her husband's betrayal just eight days after her triumphant March 7 Oscar win.

I don't think People should have run such a chiseled and harsh photo of Sandra to accompany this piece; I think they should have found something softer and more hopeful. Didn't something similar happen to Hilary Swank when she won her Academy Award, just not to blatantly awful and public?

It might be safe to say that her marriage was irretrievably broken by Mr. James, and that there probably isn't a man out there who could earn back her trust. You have to give Sandra credit for trusting a man who was previously married to one of the most notorious porn stars in modern American history (yes, Janine Lindemulder) and who has a colorful past. If he had just been able to keep it in his pants, this could have been a much different year for Sandra.