Tiger Doesn't Mean It

Tiger Woods probably has no idea why the world thinks he is insincere:

The statement Tiger Woods was to make Friday is part of his sex addiction rehab therapy, according to a letter from PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem that was obtained by The Associated Press.

The statement was expected to address the sex scandal that exploded after his Thanksgiving night car accident.

"As we understand it, Tiger's therapy called for a week's break at this time during which he has spent a few days with his children and then will make his statement before returning," Finchem said in Thursday's letter.

The letter is the first confirmation of any kind that Woods even was in such therapy.

But psychologist and radio host Cooper Lawrence, author of "The Cult of Celebrity," says the whole idea of the Woods' statement "reeks of photo op" to her.

"I think this is a photo op," she remarked to "Early Show" co-anchor Harry Smith Friday, hours before Woods' scheduled statement. "I don't really see any -- the rumors we heard out of rehab were that he really wasn't being a participatory patient, that he was disruptive, that he upset the other people there. So, I don't think he's gone through the first couple of steps (of the famous "12-Step" addiction recovery process). This to me reeks of photo op, and I hope it's genuine, and I really hope he moves on. Because he's an industry, he's not just an individual.

Tiger is simply doing whatever he can to regain endorsements and continue making money; if he was solely about playing golf, he would accept the judgement of the public and play golf. He would show up at the course at the appointed time, play the way he has always played, and ignore the public (which is how it is with most golfers anyway).

He is in the thrall of someone trying to repair his image and that's what his "rehabilitation" stay is all about. I find it a bit difficult to believe when someone says that Tiger Woods is a "sex addict." I'm not a doctor, of course, but I do believe that Woods is a power addict, and power is what he is trying to regain by pretending to be contrite and by taking a vacation at a rehabiitiation resort.