Janine Lindemulder Still Denied Visitation

Janine Lindemulder

The media loves to set this up as "the good girl vs the porn star" and who can blame them:

Between the box office success of “The Blind Side” and Sandra Bullock’s spate of awards and recognition, the Oscar-nominated actress would seem to be having a great couple months.

Privately, though, Bullock and her husband, former “Monster Garage” host Jesse James, are still in the midst of a custody battle over James’ daughter, Sunny. The two are taking steps to formally adopt the 6-year-old.

“Sandra and Jesse have custody of Sunny, but now they want to take it a step further so that Sandra can become her legal mother," a source told In Touch Weekly.

If you throw in Bullock's Oscar buzz and whatever else, Lindemulder doesn't have a chance.

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