Is The Ghost Writer a Good Film?

The Ghost Writer (2010)

I'm not as interested in the whole Roman Polanski scandal as I once was. I do think that The Ghost Writer looks pretty interesting though. Will people see it because of the notoriety? Or will they avoid it?

Pierce Brosnan is in it, by the way:

Brosnan is currently in theaters co-starring in the blockbuster fantasy "Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Lightening Thief."

On Friday, he returns in something completely different, playing a former British prime minister in Roman Polanski's mystery thriller "The Ghost Writer," based on a novel by Robert Harris. This marks Polanski's first film since "Oliver Twist" in 2005 - and according to Brosnan, the film shows "Polanski at his best."

Which is to make light of the fact that most people have now had a rehashing of Polanski at his worst.

The plot is as such:

In "The Ghost Writer," Brosnan doesn't play Tony Blair per se, but somebody who is very Tony Blair-like.

"All roads seem to lead to one man in the book, in the screenplay, and Tony Blair was the man I hung my hat on," Brosnan said.

In the film, Ewan McGregor plays Brosnan's ghost writer hired to complete his memoirs on an island off the U.S. east coast, while Brosnan is essentially under siege from all corners. His wife, the public, the courts and the press are all angry with him.

Ghost writers have always interested me. Who takes a literary job with the understanding that they won't be credited unless the writer turns on them and vilifies what they've done in order to stave off criticism? Do ghost writers have any control over a project?

Does my wanting to see the film endorse Polanski's lifestyle choices? Or should I just ignore all of that and see it on the merits of the project? Depends on how brave I feel, I guess.