Yes, It's Racist as Hell

I do like my yardbird. I've even reviewed several local yardbird distribution establishments, here and here. I keep going back for more. It's yardbird, for crying out loud. But don't expect me to defend this:

What we don't like is the lingering racist connotations that are associated with eating poultry (don't even get me started on swine), which is probably the real reason some black folks are upset by a controversial KFC ad that has some claiming the company is perpetuating racist stereotypes.

The KFC ad depicts a frustrated, white Australian cricket fan sitting among a crowd of black people who are happily dancing to the beat of steel drums while rooting for their team, which is apparently from a Caribbean nation. How does he get them to see things his way? He offers them a bucket of chicken and they quickly change their tune. As they grab pieces of chicken from the bucket, he looks at the camera and says, "Too easy."


More racist than I would have believed, actually. So racist I can't do anything but look away in embarrassment. What were these people thinking? Ouch. Then, you have to consider the plight of the young actor who now becomes the face of KFC's Australian racism. That is not how you want to be remembered.