Stealing Signs?

Sounds like the carping of a bunch of whiners:
The accusations of sign-stealing at Citizens Bank Park by the Phillies that resurfaced during the World Series yesterday are nothing new to the Mets. The Mets were so convinced in 2007 that the Phillies were using a center-field camera to steal signs they complained to Major League Baseball, whose subsequent investigation was deemed inconclusive. Without specifically saying so, the Yankees revived the accusations in their Game 4 victory Sunday by meeting frequently at the mound and having catcher Jorge Posada flash multiple signs even when no runners were on base. nd when ex-Phillies manager Larry Bowa reportedly said on Philadelphia's 97.5 The Fanatic that the Phillies were good at stealing signs, his former team -- specifically center fielder Shane Victorino -- had heard quite enough. Victorino erupted before Game 5.

So what?

Stealing signs is as old as baseball itself. If you can't overcome that, and take advantage of that, and engage in some deception, and persevere, then you don't deserve to win anything, now do you?

Cowboy up, Yankees. That's what Johnny Damon would say. He'd say "Cowboy Up." He probably wouldn't say "whine about how they're all big dumb meaney-heads."

How hard is it? Come on, Yankees. You've played this game a little while. Get used to it.