When Delivering a Beat-Down Makes You Famous

This is making the rounds--it's the video of the two women having a fight on a Muni bus:

There's no need to get into racial overtones, but one can clearly see that there are tensions in this country that still persist. Instead of looking at it like that, you could look at it as two women having a violent disagreement, and I think there was, clearly, a very vicious assault perpetrated here. The woman who defends herself is going to be famous as an emblem of her ethnic group, standing up to another ethnic group. This may be racism, but it is also about victimhood and empowerment. If you feel that your racial group has been victimized, you can align yourself with the woman who represents you. You don't have to be the same race--you can just empathize with whichever one, depending on how you interpret this video.

It does go to show--YouTube can make you famous, instantly, and give you celebrity and all that goes with it, just by showing the stupid things you do. If it is outrageous enough--and if the beat-down you're handing out is somewhat telegenic--well, get ready to hear from people you haven't heard from in a while.

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