Getting Away With Excellent Satire

Parks and Recreation

After a busy weekend, I finally got a chance to catch up with the episode of Parks and Recreation that ran last Thursday night. This is the cream of the crop and a show I have watched religiously since it came out. I am rather fond of the format, yes I do know the whole connection to the Office, but I think Parks and Recreation should be talked about on its own merits.

Last Thursday night's episode, "Sister City," skewered Venezuela, and Hugo Chavez in particular, and South American male superiority complexes in general, and socialism in the broadest sense. It was a very well done episode, making good use of Fred Armisen, who is fall-down funny as a uniformed technocrat sent to America to humiliate Americans. It comes on the heels of several episodes featuring the always brilliant Louis C.K. as a small town cop.

As I watched it today, I kept thinking, the outrage that this episode is going to generate is going to stir up some buzz for Amy Poehler and her excellent show. To watch Poehler talking about Hillary Clinton with that smile on her face is magic; you want the whole country to embrace Amy because she is a national treasure.

I did a series of searches--this and this are the only "buzz." No controversy, no condemnations from Venezuela, no unhinged screaming and nothing at all from the thought police. Nothing.

I won't do a spoiler, but this episode is eminently watchable and hilarious, and goes after Chavez by name and in specifics. It doesn't spare any feelings and it is hilarious without being cruel, which is Poehler's specialty. She has a brilliant cast and there have been no clunkers so far. I always hesitate to get involved with a show--the networks pull the plug on only the good ones I care about, of course.

Anyway, I had hoped there would be some genuine outrage out there to help move the show up in the ratings. Maybe it will come later, I don't know. Rarely do you see something this good and I don't want to see it disappear like so many other brilliant shows.