Embrace Nikki Finke, Do Not Fear Her

Breathless anecdotes in the New Yorker always seem to read just like this one:

On February 5th, Universal Studios and Imagine Entertainment threw a cocktail party for their film “Frost/Nixon,” hoping to stir up buzz for its Oscars prospects. The event, at Nobu Los Angeles, drew many of the town’s entertainment journalists—a contentious bunch. As the guests snacked on yellowtail sashimi, Sharon Waxman, who the previous week had launched an entertainment-business Web site called The Wrap, fell into conversation with a group that included Brian Grazer, Imagine’s co-chairman. Waxman covered Hollywood for the Times from 2003 to 2007; though her reporting occasioned a number of corrections, she is aggressively self-confident. Turning to Grazer, Waxman made a provocative remark about the reporting of her former close friend and now bitter rival Nikki Finke. “She’s always been nice to me,” Grazer replied, before moving away at warp speed. When Finke later demanded that Waxman explain this exchange—Finke seems to have a Google Alert that pings whenever her work is discussed—Waxman denied that she’d been disparaging, and claimed that Grazer had turned white at the mention of Finke’s name: “Fear in the hearts of giants!”

While a good chunk of all of that might be nonsense, it's the fact that Nikki Finke is new media, as opposed to the easily-bought crap mass media that strikes fear in the hearts of people who are accustomed to being able to buy their media coverage. Finke always has good stuff.