A Weapon Too Sinister to Use Against the American People

Would Thomas Jefferson Wish For Us to Use Horrible Sonic Weapons Against Our Own Citizens?

I may be over reacting, but I don't care. I don't care what party you're in. I don't care about your politics. What I care about are basic civil liberties.

Should any government agency use a dangerous sonic weapon against Americans? Of course not. I grant state, local and Federal agencies the right to use force, and I grant that they might need to use things that aren't ideal, such as, I don't know, riot control vehicles. Yes, I said it--riot control vehicles. My family has made them for as long as I have been alive. They're perfectly reasonable when the authorities are confronted with civil disturbances.

I draw the line at monstrous weapons such as this:

LRAD-500 in use by San Diego County Sheriff's Department“Long-range acoustic devices [LRADs] for crowd control can be extremely dangerous. These are used in Iraq to control insurgents. They can cause serious and lasting harm to humans…We want to know WHY our Sheriff Dept has this weapon,” Sal Magallanez of San Diego-based Liberty One Radio said in an e-mail sent to East County Magazine, prompting a joint investigation.
The device was stationed by San Diego County Sheriff deputies at a recent town hall forum hosted by Congresswoman Susan Davis (D-San Diego) in Spring Valley and at a subsequent town hall with Congressman Darrell Issa (R-San Diego). The Davis Rally drew an estimated 1,300-1,500 people, including vocal conservative and liberal protest groups.

A public records search conducted by East County Magazine has confirmed that the device is an
LRAD 500-x manufactured by San Diego-based American Technology Corporation (ATC). Capable of use as an effective loudspeaker, the LRAD also has the ability to emit a deafening tone aimed at incapacitating and dispersing a crowd without use of lethal force.
“It’s very concerning,” Kevin Keenan, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union, said. “ It is fine for the Sheriff’s Department to have new less-than-lethal weapons, but for their interactions with individuals these still-dangerous weapons need to be used only as substitutes for firearms. They can’t be used as just another tool on the tool belt. As we’ve seen with tasers and pepper spray, these types of weapons are being used to subdue people even though they pose the risk of serious physical harm.”

Excuse me, but this is America. No, you may not use a weapon that emits a deafening, incapacitating tone at peaceful protesters, and I don't care what political stripe they are. I don't care if they're the three dirtiest hippies this side of Wavy Gravy--you may not use a sonic device upon them. Soap and water, fine. If they're really rowdy, use some tear gas.

This thing? Hells no:

Advertisement, LRAD-500

The datasheet is "password protected," but to your uncle Norman, that means, whoo, I'll publish it anyway:

Datasheet, LRAD-500

As a lifelong lover of evil, well, this is going too far. Do you want Johnny Law to have this kind of a weapon? And, bear in mind, most Johnny Laws out there are good men and women, don't get me wrong. But do you want that fat slob Johnny Law with the sociopathic disorder they couldn't quite nail down on his phony-baloney psychiatric evaluation to be standing there with his gut hanging out, his sammich in one hand, and his other hand riding the controls of this weapon against some people who he thinks "gots it coming?"

Anyone who uses this weapon against American citizens is a sadistic animal, plain and simple. The right of peaceful assembly and peaceful protest means something in this country, and the thugs who would use a military-grade weapon to inflict sonic pain on our fellow Americans have stepped over the line into the banality of evil.

By the way, at 70 dBs, you're experiencing involuntary discomfort because your autonomic nervous system kicks in. That means that:

The autonomic nervous system (ANS or visceral nervous system) is the part of the peripheral nervous system that acts as a control system functioning largely below the level of consciousness, and controls visceral functions. The ANS affects heart rate, digestion, respiration rate, salivation, perspiration, diameter of the pupils, micturition (urination), and sexual arousal.

No, I don't think they're trying to get you horny. I do think that the inherent dangers of using such weapons outweigh any possible "peaceful" or "humane" application.

This is not a weapon that should be used on American citizens, period. End of story.