Control Your Own Fate Because No One is Going to Save Us


America’s elites have failed us, full stop.

American democracy won’t be saved by anyone but you.

America is in the hands of a criminal regime run by fascists and boobs.

I voted. I did my part. You, of course, have either already voted or will vote.

No one knows what is going to happen. Polling, sampling, and guessing is the work of fools at this point. If a pollster calls ten thousand young people, and a mere 100 answer questions, what does that tell you about what’s going to happen on Tuesday, November 6th?

Anyone who says they know what will happen is lying to you. I hope you read this site because I am trying my best to level with you and tell you what I think is going on and what I think will happen. I’ve been at this fool’s errand since Hurricane Katrina. The truth is, I don’t know for sure, all I have is the evidence in front of me, and all I know is what I’ve seen before. That does not make me an expert. The best comment I’ve ever gotten is “who the hell are you?”

Have I told you lately that America’s elites—the so-called experts—have all failed us? So why not me since they’re all liars and charlatans? Why not you? You know more than anyone.

See you on the other side.

Brian Kemp is a Liar

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At some point, we as a nation are going to have to come to terms with the idea that the person in charge of elections in a state cannot run for higher office without resigning or recusing him or herself from overseeing everything. What’s happening in Georgia is beyond normal and sets a dangerous precedent. If there’s a recount, nothing will be done fairly. If Brian Kemp wins, then the entire election will be considered illegitimate. If Stacey Abrams wins, it will be in spite of some of the worst voter suppression tactics in America. Free and fair elections are not run like the Georgia’s governor race.

And now we have this:

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp's office said Sunday that it is investigating the Georgia Democratic Party over what it described as an attempted hack of the state's voter registration system on Saturday evening.

Democrats in the state vehemently denied the claim, and Kemp's office has not provided any evidence or indicated why the Democratic Party is being investigated as part of its probe. 

The move comes just two days before Election Day, when voters will choose between Kemp, a Republican, and Democrat Stacey Abrams in the state's high-profile race for governor. 

Democrats and advocacy groups have previously argued that Kemp has a conflict of interest in overseeing an election he is also running in, and some have called on him to resign. The Sunday morning news release indicating his office will now investigate the Georgia Democratic Party as part of the probe will only heighten those concerns. 

"While we cannot comment on the specifics of an ongoing investigation, I can confirm that the Democratic Party of Georgia is under investigation for possible cyber crimes," said press secretary Candice Broce in the release. "We can also confirm that no personal data was breached and our system remains secure."

Nothing was done, but the Democrats are maybe guilty of something that didn’t happen? How does that work in the real world? Imagine if the roles were reversed and Abrams was overseeing her own election and then pulled something like this. You can’t because Abrams is too ethical and too professional to do anything like this.

Today’s GOP. Same shit, different day, and always accuse your enemies of doing what you’re doing, just like they do in Russia.

The Minutemen Are Headed to the Border


The natural consequence of spreading lies about what’s happening on the U.S. border is that people will start reacting and taking matters into their own hands. If you think this is troubling, good for you. U.S. troops won’t just have to worry about snakes, scorpions and boredom. Now they’ll have to worry about militia-types stealing their gear. Given the fact that the troops being deployed are going to have to bring everything with them, this is going to lead to a lot of Article 32 hearings. But, more importantly, Trump has unleashed what promises to be months and months of confusion and chaos:

Gun-carrying civilian groups and border vigilantes have heard a call to arms in President Trump’s warnings about threats to American security posed by caravans of Central American migrants moving through Mexico. They’re packing coolers and tents, oiling rifles and tuning up aerial drones, with plans to form caravans of their own and trail American troops to the border.

“We’ll observe and report, and offer aid in any way we can,” said Shannon McGauley, a bail bondsman in the Dallas suburbs who is president of the Texas Minutemen. McGauley said he was preparing to head for the Rio Grande in coming days.

“We’ve proved ourselves before, and we’ll prove ourselves again,” he said.

McGauley and others have been roused by the president’s call to restore order and defend the country against what Trump has called “an invasion,” as thousands of Central American migrants advance slowly through southern Mexico toward the U.S. border. Trump has insisted that “unknown Middle Easterners,” “very tough fighters,” and large numbers of violent criminals are traveling among the women, children and families heading north on foot.

The Texas Minutemen, according to McGauley, have 100 volunteers en route to the Rio Grande who want to help stop the migrants, with more likely on the way.

“I can’t put a number on it,” McGauley said. “My phone’s been ringing nonstop for the last seven days. You got other militias, and husbands and wives, people coming from Oregon, Indiana. We’ve even got two from Canada.”

Emphasis here on Oregon, kids.

Remember what happened in that part of the country when anti-government militia types decided to challenge the Federal government? And remember what happened when this president decided to start pardoning people?

Those pardons sent a clear message—from now on, you can run around and do whatever you want and the Republican Party will bail you out of whatever problems you have with the Department of Justice.

McGauley sure sounds nice, doesn’t he?


This thing is about to get out of hand, and fast.