Trump Blocks Jennie Willoughby

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Miss Willoughby is the ex-wife of disgraced White House Secretary Rob Porter.

On Friday, a friend and I watched as the President of the United States sat in the Oval Office and praised the work of my ex-husband, Rob Porter, and wished him future success. I can’t say I was surprised. But when Donald Trump repeated twice that Rob declared his innocence, I was floored. What was his intent in emphasizing that point? My friend turned to me and said, “The President of the United States just called you a liar.”

Yes. And so he did.

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There is no end to the cruelty of Donald J. Trump.

There is No High Road With Trump

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Pussyfooting around is not going to defeat Donald Trump and his army of followers, many of whom are violent white supremacists who are counting on liberals to be weak and squishy. This is not a call for mindless violence. When Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe said that he had no problem flattening Trump if he got into his personal space, he meant that in the sincerest form of the word and the idea. Trump will use physical means to terrorize Americans--look at his rallies and debate demeanor. He only understands the proper response to all bullies everywhere. Do not tolerate this in any form, no matter what. Do not show weakness. Stand up to him, and he folds like the old, broken down bitch that he is.

This is a call that is meant to remind people that Trump has destroyed most of the norms in American politics that would have disqualified him from office in the past. This is meant to argue that, when someone refuses to behave in a civil manner, you have to make exceptions and do things that are non-traditional in order to counter them and their followers.

In other words, there is no better Trump out there, there isn't anyone who can manage him, and there ain't no fucking high road:

For Democrats, there's something deeply satisfying — perhaps even cathartic — about personalizing their attacks on President Donald Trump. 

And they've been doing it with relish, particularly after he said last week that they had acted "un-American" and even "treasonous" by declining to clap during his State of the Union address. 

Borrowing a page from Trump's celebrity feud playbook, Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., a war veteran who lost her legs in Iraq, has given the commander in chief a nickname: "Cadet Bone Spurs" — a reference to the service deferments Trump obtained during the Vietnam War. 

"He's a joke," former Vice President Joe Biden said when told the White House had written off the treason remark as a stab at humor.

Within the last few weeks, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi accused Trump of trying to "make America white again" with his immigration plan, and former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe said he'd flatten Trump if the president got in his physical space. 

These Democrats are fighting fire with fire. But others think it's bad form and worse strategy to copy Trump's brand of highly personalized and harsh speech. 

It would be hard for Democrats to overshoot the mark with their deeply anti-Trump base. But they are also aware that they need to attract independents and some Republicans if they are to win big in this year's midterms and recapture the White House in 2020.

Again, there is no way a Trump voter is going to suddenly vote for Democrats if they haven't already abandoned him. Anyone clinging to their guns, their white supremacy, and their love of Trumpery is not worth appealing to. There is always going to be a 33% block of American voters who will never vote for a Democrat, no matter what. 

In 1974 and 1976, Republicans were driven from office in massive numbers because of the inherent evil that was Richard Nixon. The Republican brand became toxic to voters; the same thing, roughly, happened in 2006 and 2008 when the wool was removed from the eyes of people who thought a GOP daddy was what they needed. This is the same situation we are in right now--Trump can't lead, can't govern, and can't emit anything remotely decent from his mouth. Democrats need to drive home that fact every single day and make the idea of voting for a Republican akin to embracing actual Nazis because, hello, ample evidence suggests that many of them are closeted fascists.

I have no problem giving up on these people. They are lost in their own misinformed ocean of delusion and hatred. However, there are a whole lot of non-voters who are already sold on the idea that they should participate in the resistance against Trump. Keep appealing to them! Motivate them, and get them to the polls. If you know someone who has never voted, help them overcome the GOP's relentless assault on the franchise and get them registered. They should vote in the primaries and in the mid-term election this November. 

The media has this misguided notion that Democrats shouldn't be Democrats if they want to win. It's as old as the old, lazy "Dems in Disarray" headline from the past. The Democrats are not in any form of disarray--they're busy trying to save our democracy from the Russians. Anyone who says that Democrats have to "appeal to the middle" is just trying to move the goalposts. This is ludicrous concern-trolling bullshit. Ignore the insanity. The American people prefer tolerance, competence and compassion. Motivate people to support those things at the ballot box, and no one needs to appeal to a single Trump voter ever again.

No One Needs to Appeal to Trump Voters


This is what Meghan McCain is really trying to do--she's trying to make it so that the Republican brand is not a toxic stew of racism and fuckery. She's trying to salvage the reputation of a party that mostly rejected her father and has embraced the most incompetent, racist fool in modern American history:

Meghan McCain told CNN's Van Jones that she's no fan of President Donald Trump but she sees "a lot of gray zone" when it comes to his supporters and argues their views should not be dismissed.

"It's easy to get very cynical right now. And it's easy to get very jaded. I've certainly found myself going to places like that, that I didn't think I was really capable of in the past 2½ years," McCain told "The Van Jones Show" in an interview to air at 7 p.m. ET Saturday. 

"The View" co-host and daughter of Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, admitted she was "not a huge Trump supporter" but decided on Election Night in 2016 to "try and be as unemotional as possible in analyzing him and his presidency."

"I don't think I suffer from Trump derangement syndrome in a sense that I can separate the man from the White House. I still believe that the White House trumps -- no pun intended -- trumps everything politically that he's doing," she told Jones.

    "I do think that there is a lot of gray zone with Trump supporters, and I would like both of us -- myself included because I'm certainly guilty of this as well -- to stop throwing around the horrible allegations and name-calling."

    Yeah, fuck that shit.

    Who appointed McCain the savior of anything? The vast majority of Republicans view her father as a liberal Democrat bathed in failure and free Cadillacs for welfare queens. I hate to be blunt, but Meghan McCain is lucky to be on television and have anything approaching a media career. It is fitting that a beneficiary of nepotism is actively trying to defend the reputation of a party that has been perverted by a man whose sons are all but useless.

    There is no such thing as "Trump Derangement Syndrome" because everything he has done has been criminally deranged. He has deviated from every behavioral norm established by 44 previous occupants of the White House. And, news flash, he's the face of white supremacy in America. His voters are never going to pull the lever for a Democrat, so why bother appealing to them?

    Sometimes, awful people just aren't worth the trouble.