Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Who Gives a Shit About Liz Cheney?


The story of Liz Cheney and her fealty to the "old" Republican Party and her "principled" stand against Trumpism is laughable and ridiculous. You can be well assured that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is getting rid of her to alleviate pressure being brought by people who want to keep the money flowing to the party apparatus. It's all theater. It's all about 2024.

Cheney represents the corporate/national security people who attended their briefings and realized two things. 

One, Trump and his cronies walked off with the Republican National Committee's money and left them high and dry. And, as has been pointed out, this is more about the criminal enterprise behind Trump rather than Trump himself. He's an ambulatory bag of meat. He has no idea what's actually happening. But, what's behind him is a blackmail machine that controls the flow of money into the GOP.

Two, Liz Cheney is hard wired into the national security establishment and knows how deep Trump's ties to Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey are and what's being kept under wraps until it's time to let all of that stuff out of the vaults. She's betting that there's enough being held back to finish him off (I doubt it, but who knows anymore?)

The other Republicans aren't mad at Cheney for opposing Trump. They're mad that she got there first and paid attention in those national security briefings. They don't want her to be able to lecture them about anything. That's why they are kneecapping her this week (or at least trying to do so). If she keeps speaking up, the money will dry up. That's the only plausible reason for getting rid of her.

They'd be stupid to get rid of her. But that's the problem--they are all so fucking inept and incompetent that it will take a miracle for them to win anything going forward against a popular president. They are hell bent on doing the wrong thing and can't help but eat one of their own. 

Cheney doesn't care about anything. She thinks that the American people exist in order to serve her needs. She believes that sending troops overseas is the thing to do if it protects the business interests of everyone willing to give her "campaign" money. I'm surprised she even went into politics. It would be so much more lucrative to be the CEO of a defense contractor at this point, but oh well.

She has no ideology, no firm convictions, no belief in America as anything other than a cash machine that her family can use to build up a massive amount of established, untouchable wealth. She wants to ensure her father's legacy and set it up so that her children and grand-children will be running this country when she's gone. This is what American fascism really looks like--it's bland, it has no charisma, and it weaponizes the right kinds of information. Old man Dick must sit around all day, wringing his hands, hoping Liz can pull it off. 

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